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Pallet Dispensing

For applications that require automatic delivery of pallets into a convyor-based sytem, Erie Technical Systems has developed a series of auomatic pallet dispensers that are flexible and reliable.  A stack of 15-20 pallets is loaded into the machine using a fork lift and pallets are delivered on demand.  These machines are manufactured with the highest quality and durability. They feature all carbon steel construction, a heavy duty chain discharge convyeor, integral pallet squaring feature and a heavy duty pneumatic scissor lift.  They are PLC controlled and are easily integrated into new or existing conveyor systems.  Our controls engineers will help with the integration into multiple PLC platforms with Allen Bradley being the standard. Contact us at info@erietechnicalsystems.com to discuss your pallet dispensing application. 

Pallet Dispensing Systems

See Erie Technical Systems Pallet Dispenser in Action below.

PalletMAX Pallet Dispenser
















































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