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Bulk Tote Filling

Erie Technical Systems manufactures manual and automatic equipment for filling of Bulk Tote bulk totes of all sizes.  Basic systems allow for loading using a fork lift or pallet jack.  Automated systems automatically feed boxes in and out of the station on conveyors.  Adjustability in the filling stations permits filling of multiple tote sizes in a single machine.   
Our EconoMAX line is designed for manual filling of bulk totes and can include an integral weigh scale to weigh and fill simultaneously.  Our DensiMAX line adds the advantage of high G-force vibration to densify each tote for decreased fill times and filling more product per tote.  For a completely automated solution, we offer the SysteMAX line of bulk tote fillers that includes supporting equipment such as pallet dispensers, slip sheet dispensers and conveyor systems.  Contact us at info@erietechnicalsystems.com to discuss your bulk box filling application.  You can also visit the bulk tote filling page at our new web site at  www.bulkfilling.com/bulk-filling/bulk-tote-filling.html

EconoMAX Bulk Tote Filler

DensiMAX Bulk Tote Filler

SysteMAX Bulk Tote Filling Integrated System

Manual Bulk Tote Filling

Automated Bulk Tote Filling with Densification

Automated Bulk Tote Filling System

Manual to semi-automatic tote filling at a low entry cost.

Automated vibratory bulk tote filling systems with conveyors.

Integrated bulk tote filling systems with conveyors and supporting equipment.