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Rotory Electric Vibrators


Renold Ajax Rotary Electric Vibrator Rotary Electric Vibrator LOGO Renold Ajax Rotary Electric Vibrator

Erie Technical Systems Inc has complete line of Rotary Electric Vibrators available for your application.  These vibrators are used in bulk solid material handling applications to improve flow, densify and meter the materials being moved.  The ETSI line of rotary Electric Vibrators leads the industry in delivering a quality product with exceptional value per pound of force output.  Operational frequencies are available from 900 to 3600 rpm and each model is adjustable from 0 to 100% output which allows us to provide a solution for any situation.   

ETSI Rotary Electric Vibrators

Sizing Instructions for all rotary electric vibrators.

Application Description

Sizing Guide

Flow Aids Used when moisture, temperature or grain size of material causes irregular flow through bins, hoppers or chutes Flow  Guide

Densification or Shakeout

Used to increase the density of materials by 20-50% which decreaes the required containers, warehouse space an freight costs. The same principles are applied in reverse to shake out foundry molds. D&S Guide
Metering or Transporting Used in feeders screeners, sorters and conveyors to produce a controlled forward advancement of the materials.

Metering Guide