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SysteMAX Bulk Filler

SysteMAX Bulk Filler bulk filling systems are custom engineered complete packaging lines.  The DensiMAX Bulk Fillervibratory bulk filling station is used as the heart of the system and supporting equipment is added upstream and downstream for a completely automated process. The additional equipment can include a pallet dispenser, a slip-sheet dispenser, powered roller or chain conveyors, a bag sealer, a check-weigh station, and discharge area. 

  • Increased throughput and decreased filling times through automation and simultaneous fill/weigh/vibrate operations.
  • Completly integrated control system for the entire filling line with operator touch screen interface.
  • Powered connecting conveyors can be roller, belt, chain, or vibratory conveyors.
  • Allen-Bradley Ethernet I/O simplifies installation and minimizes cost.  
  • Custom designed operator walkways and work platforms.      
  • Additional options include: label printing devices, bar code scanning, product storage hoppers, flow control valves.
  • Click Here to send us your application details for a SysteMAX bulk filling system or call the experts at 814-899-2103. 

SysteMAX Bulk Filling Station

SysteMAX Bulk Filler   


SysteMAX Bulk Filler shown with two vibratory deck filling stations, roller conveyors and 90 degree chain transfer conveyors. The system also included a pallet dispenser and slip sheet dispenser upstream of the fill stations. 

SysteMAX Dual Fill Station System

SysteMAX Bulk Filler 3D modeling shown with pallet dispenser, conveyors and vibratory grid deck bulk bag filling station.

SysteMAX IBC Bag Filling Soltuion
For an entry level bulk filling station, please refer to our EconoMAX Bulk Fillerbulk filler page.  For a fill station with automated incoming and outgoing conveyors, please refer to our SysteMAX Bulk Fillerbulk filler page.