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DensiMAX Bulk Filler

DensiMAX Bulk Filler bulk fillers are designed for automated filling of bulk bags, boxes, totes or drums.  They feature the same solid frame as our EconoMAX bulk fillers, but include additional automation to increase productivity.  Optional incoming and outgoing conveyors are used to bring in the bulk container to be filled automatically.  The system allows for filling, weighing and vibration of the product simultaneously to pack up to 50% more material in the same size container with no increase in cycle time. When filling bulk bags, the densification also creates a more rigid bulk bag that is easier and safer to handle during storage and shipment.

  • Heavy duty construction
  • Fill multiple container sizes and types.
  • Manual (flat deck) or automatic (grid deck) bulk container feed.
  • Fill, Vibrate and weigh at the same time for short cycles.
  • Bag hooks and fill spout travel to the operator for safe and efficient attachment of bulk bags. 
  • Integrated PLC based controls for ease of installation.
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DensiMAX Bulk Bag Filling Station

DensiMAX Bulk Filler

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DensiMAX Bulk Filler  Bulk Filling Station Features & Options

  DensiMAX Flat Deck Fill Station

DensiMAX Grid Deck Fill Station 


Flat Deck Fill Station is loaded and unloaded using a fork lift.

Grid Deck Fill Station includes integral powered roller conveyor.


  DensiMAX Bag Sealing Bladder

DensiMAX Automatic Bag Hooks 

DensiMAX Bag Height Adjustment

Fill head options to attach bags, liners or adapt to bins or boxes with integral dust collection.   

Automatic release bag hanging hooks


Multi-position pneumatic height adjustment

For a lower cost, more manually operated system, see our EconoMAX Bulk Fillerbulk filler page.

  EconoMAX Automatic Bag Hooks

DensiMAX Bulk Filler Bulk filling System shown equipped with hooks open/close, hooks extend/retract and fill spout with inflation bladder & pinch ring.

DensiMAX Docking Fill Head

DensiMAX Bulk Filler Bulk filling System in the bag load position.  The rear hooks and docking fill spout are forward to allow for bulk bag attachment.