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Dry Bulk Bag Filling Equipment

Erie Technical Systems Inc. has over 75 years of combined experience in the design and fabrication of bulk bag filling equipment for IBC's (Intermediate Bulk Containers).  Whether you are looking for bulk filling equipment to fill bulk bags, bulk drums or bulk boxes, our bulk filling machinery has a solution to fit any budget.  Erie Technical Systems manufactures stand alone low-cost bulk filling stations or a completely automated bulk filling systems to be integrated with existing equipment.


EconoMAX Bulk Bag Filling Station

The EconoMAX IBC bulk bag filling staitons feature heavy duty construction and manual to semi-automatic operation.  This provides long equipment life and low equipment cost.



DensiMAX Bulk Bag Filling Station

The DensiMAX IBC bulk bag filling stations add vibration as a means to densify the product.  This creates value by maximizing the amount of material shipped per container, which lowers transportation and storage costs. The DensiMAX bulk bag filling stations are semi-automatic to fully automatic.




SysteMAX Bulk Bag Filling Station

The SysteMAX IBC bulk bag filling stations are completely integrated and custom solutions for your plant.  They include the rugged design of the EconoMAX and the vibration of the DensiMAX coupled with upstream and downstream equipment. 




Bulk Drum Filling Equipment

 The DrumMAX filling stations are designed to fill various sizes of bulk drums.  The DrumMAX systems can also be provided with any level of automation, from a low-cost manually operated unit to a completely automated system.