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Rotary Paddle Level Switches

The Solido 500 is an all-purpose rotating paddle level limit switch for bulk materials. It can be used as a full, demand or empty detector.  Typical applications for bulk materials with a density greater than 6 pounds/cubic foot are:

  • Plastic powders and granulars
  • Building materials
  • Food
  • Wood Pellets
  • many others...
Solido Level Controls Solido Low Cost Level Detection

The solido 500 provides budget-priced solutions for reliable level limit measurement and offers the following features:

  • FM Approval for operation in dust explosion areas
  • High performance
  • Robustness
  • Wide range of applications

Solido 500-LAQ Details (115VAC)

Solido 500-LBQ Details (24VDC)

Solido 500 - Paddle Level Limit Switch