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High Pressure Test Systems

Erie Technical Systems Inc. specializes in test systems for high pressure gas and liquid delivery.  We design each system based on your specific application.  Applications include:

  • Hydrotesting
  • Burst Testing
  • Leak Checking
  • Isostatic Pressing

Our systems are compact, mobile and can deliver up to 60,000 psi liquid or up to 20,000 psi of gas. The systems are packaged complete with alll of the necessary piping for simple interconnect to your utilities for ease of installation. 

60,000 psi Liquid Hydrotest System

High Pressure Leak Tester

This portable system was designed by Erie Technical Systems Inc. to leak check the  seal between two press fit parts. The test system is capable of delivering 20,000 psi of water to the test piece with house air and water supplies.