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BI-Lok Fitting Pressure Rating

The BI-Lok Series D Dual Ferrule Tube Fittings consists of four elements - nut, front ferrule, back ferrule and the fitting body.  However, the actual sealing function is accomplished with the addition of a fith element, the tubing itself.  Therefore the pressure rating of the fitting assembly is a direct function of the tubing selected.  Proper tube selection is critical and the ultimate responsibility of the system designer/user.  The tables listed below provide allowable pressure ratings of a variety of commonly used tube sizes and materials.

Stainless Steel Tubing Pressure Rating (psi)

BI-Lok Tubing Pressure Rating
304 & 316 annealed seamless tubing per ASTM A-269 or equivalent.  Working pressure based on allowable stress of 20,000 psi between -20F and 100F. (Reference ANSI B31.3)