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Pilot Scale Stirred Reactors

Erie Technical Systems, Inc. has partnered with Zeyon, Inc. to produce high pressure pilot scale stirred reactors for chemical, petrochemical, plastics, and other applications.  Zeyon, Inc. is an ASME certified shop for Division 1 pressure vessels and provides the fabrication and vessel design expertise.  ETSI provides the process expertise in selecting the proper accessories to allow for simple and efficient start-up of the reactor. 

Erie Technical Systems Inc. Zeyon, Inc.

Erie Technical Systems, Inc. provides:

  • Mixer Sizing
  • Discreet Controls
  • PLC Based Controls
  • Suporting Components

Zeyon, Inc. provides:

  • Pressure Vessels Fabrication
  • ASME Design Calculations
  • ASME Code Stamp
  • Assembly and Testing

Together, Erie Technical Systems and Zeyon can engineer, design and build a pilot scale stirred reactor for your plant that is designed around your process.  Here are some general guidlines for Pilot Scale Stirred Reactors from Erie Technical Systems and Zeyon, Inc.

Pressure: up to 3,000 psi  and down to full vacuum
Temperature: -20F to 350F
Volume: 1 Gallon to 500 Gallon
Materials: 316SS, 304SS, Alloy C276, Inconel and others.

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