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20,000 psi Autoclave Valves

Autoclave Engineers 20,000 psi needle valves with coned and threaded connections are available from our stock.  These needle valves are rated up to 20,000 psi featuring reliable Autoclave coned and threaded connections.  These valves come in tube sizes from 1/4" up to 1".  A metal-to-metal seal provides bubble tight shut off and a non-rotating stem design provides for safe, long life at high pressure.  The valves are offered in the standard Vee stem for on/off control as well as a Regulating stem for more precise control. For more information on Autoclave Engineers 20,000 psi needle valves, please contact us at info@erietechnicalsystems.com.

  20,000 psi Needle Valves (316SS construction)



Tube Size (O.D.)

Pressure Rating

Stem Type 2-Way Straight 2-Way Angle
1/4" 20,000 psi Vee 20SM4071 20SM4072
1/4" 20,000 psi  Regulating 20SM4081 20SM4082
3/8" 20,000 psi Vee 20SM6071 20SM6072
3/8" 20,000 psi Regulating 20SM6081 20SM6082
9/16" 20,000 psi Vee 20SM9071 20SM9072 
9/16" 20,000 psi Regulating 20SM9081 20SM9082
3/4" 20,000 psi  Vee 20SM12071 20SM12072
3/4" 20,000 psi  Regulating 20SM12081 20SM12082
1" 20,000 psi  Vee 20SM16071 20SM16072
1" 20,000 psi  Regulating 20SM16081 20SM16082
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