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15,000 psi Autoclave Valves

15,000 psi Needle ValveErie Technical Systems distributes needle valves from Autoclave Engineers rated up to 15,000 psi.  These valves come in tube sizes from 1/8" up to 1/2".  A metal-to-metal seal provides bubble tight shut off and a non-rotating stem design provides for safe, long life at high pressure.  The valves are offered in the standard Vee stem for on/off control as well as a Regulating stem for more precise control.


  Autoclave Engineers Needle Valves (316SS)



Tube Size (O.D.)

Pressure Rating

Stem Type 2-Way Straight 2-Way Angle
1/8" 15,000 psi Vee 10V2071 10V2072
1/8" 15,000 psi Regulating 10V2081 10V2082
1/4" 15,000 psi Vee 10V4071 10V4072
1/4" 15,000 psi Regulating 10V4081 10V4082
3/8" 15,000 psi Vee 10V6071 10V6072
3/8" 15,000 psi Regulating 10V6081 10V6082
1/2" 10,000 psi Vee 10V8071 10V8072
1/2" 10,000 psi Regulating 10V8081 10V8082
1/4" 15,000 psi Vee SW4071 SW4072
1/4" 15,000 psi Regulating SW4081 SW4082
3/8" 15,000 psi Vee SW6071 SW6072
3/8" 15,000 psi Regulating SW6081 SW6082
1/2" 10,000 psi Vee SW8071 SW8072
1/2" 10,000 psi Regulating SW8081 SW8082
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