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Material Handling Products

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Erie Technical Systems manufactures standard equipment for the bulk material handling market.  Our line of bulk bag filling systems includes manually operated, entry level bulk filling as well as completely automated bulk filling systems.  Our bulk filling systems allow for filling, weighing and vibration of bulk bags simultaneously for increased throughput.  We also manufacture pallet dispensers, slip sheet dispensers as accessories to the bulk bag filling systems to allow for complete automation of the bulk filling process.  We are distributors for conveyors, rotary electric vibrators, slide gate valves and other material handling components and can provide a complete solution.  For more information on Erie Technical Systems' material handling capabilites, please contact us at info@erietechnicalsystems.com.

Bulk Filling Equipment

Bulk Bag Filling Equipment

Fill bulk bags with our manual or automated bulk filling stations. The bulk bag filling stations are designed to fill, weigh and vibrate simultaneously. 

Pallet Dispenser

Pallet Dispensing Equipment

 Dispense standard pallets automatically with a stand-alone or integrated pallet dispenser. 

Slip Sheet Dispenser

Slip Sheet Dispensing Equipment

Add a slip sheet automatically to each pallet as a stand alone or completely integrated system.

Bulk Drum Filling Systems

Bulk Box & Drum Filling Equipment 

Our standard bulk bag filling stations are easily modified to fill boxes, drums, or other bulk material container.  

Custom High Pressure Reaction System

Conveyors & Conveyor Systems

Erie Technical can supply in-feed and out-feed conveyors of all types.  Most common in bulk material handling are roller conveyors and chain conveyors.

Rotary Electric Vibrators

Rotary Electric Vibrators.

 We distribute rotary electric vibrators for use as flow aids, for densification of bulk materials and for vibratory conveying.

Bulk Bin Paddle Level Switches

Bulk Bin Paddle Level Switches

ETSI also distributes rotary paddle level swithes from Solido.